Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weddings and David Austin Roses!!!

So many beautiful weddings and when we get use David Austin English Roses... So much more beautiful!!! Here is just a bit about David Austin:
"David CH Austin is a rose breeder, specialist grower and author. His first rose, the fragrant Constance Spry, was released in 1961. Since then he has released nearly two hundred English Roses. Few new flowers have caused such a stir in the horticultural world."
English roses are known for their full apperance and lovely fragance. When we get them in, our cooler smells heavenly every time we open the door!!! I also get so excited to be able to purchase the leftovers for my home... Here is a variety called Phoebe.

Look at the lushness that is an English Rose!!! I am truly enjoying this arrangement, during the day, while I am away, I put it in my fridge so they will last longer. Although they are beautiful, the vase life is much shorter than your typical florist rose. I did mix them with a rose variety named Esperance, it is a favorite florist roses, it's full and a beautiful creamy pink with brighter pink edges. The vase life for this rose is almost 2 weeks!!! Depending on room temps , of course!!! Which is why I put mine in the fridge when I am away... Just keep them away from your fruits and veggies!!! Did you notice the fuzzy green balls??? So cute, right?? They are called Green Trick Dianthus, a member of the carnation family, I think... The stems are similar to a carnation. They are such a long laster!!! We have had some out for as long as a month!!! Be sure to change the water out and you will be happy with this little jewel!!

So now a few wedding pictures and then back to work!! Featured below are Bridal bouquets and some Bridesmaids bouquets as well!! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!!! V


Monday, March 21, 2011

What's Goin On!!!

Just sharing a few pictures of what is going on.... Doesn't the store look nice??

An amazingly cute little Turtle.... Created by Jaidon!!

A little art work that we made for the Bridal Market in Jan... Always a fun event!!

I just loooovvvee this plant!!! It is called a Pony Tail!! I love the flow of the leaves and as a bonus... It's a really low maintenance plant!!! ADORABLE!!! You should soooo get one!! Call me!

More Puppy Fun!!

This arrangement is soooo cool... it's a vase, in a vase, topped with a nest full of flowers!!

And here's the Easter Bunny... or at least a close cousin!! What a cutie!!! Jaidon can make anything out of flowers... well almost anything!!! LOL

Our new line of candles ~ Twistavant!! They are so fragrant!! I am burning one in the store and the whole place smells Deeee-VINE!!!
Just a little hint of what we have been up too... and I have wedding photos for later too!!! We used David Austin garden roses!!! They have the most wonderful fragrance!!
Hope I see you soon!! Vonnie!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day... R U Ready???

Valentine's Day is Monday!!! Are you ready to share the love!!! We are!!! From the top....

To bottom of our store... Cupid is filling it with all sorts of goodies to help you make your Valentine smile!!! Pamper Baskets and Flowers for that lucky lady!!!

Smiling Suzy is all decked out in pink just for the occasion!!! Isn't she CUTE!!!

We even have some handmade cards, should you want to add those to your Valentine Gift!!!

All to help you celebrate LOVE...

I love you spelled out on pillows and candy bouquets!!! Sodas and snacks are a great gift for Hubby!!

Let someone know that you have a crush on them.... we have Orange, Grape, and Strawberry!!

They all include assorted snacks....Want something that is a favorite, just let us know!!!

Balloons that share the love and the fun!!!

Smiling candy bouquets!!! Wild about you monkeys!!

Big Red... the official soda of Valentines Day!!

Or how about 12 roses in a new fun way!!!! CUBED!!

Or send a Big ole Bucket O' LOVE to someone special or a whole office of your favorite people!!!

This one is ready RIGHT NOW!!!! Please give it a good home!! LOL
Mostly I hope that you all have a GREAT VALENTINE'S Day and that we all feel the LOVE!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


We have our new sign... At last and just in time for the Christmas season!!!

In an effort to let everyone know that we are a flower shop as well as specializing in baskets... The owner decided to have our sign say "Flowers by The Basketcase"... I like it!!! Even though it has no pink in it at all!!! LOL
Our shop is decorated and loaded full of GOODIES!!! All for our customers, so they can send wonderful Flowers and Fabulous Gift Baskets to their clients, family and friends this Holiday Season!!! We even have a fantastic BLACK Christmas Tree!!!! Behold our pictures below!!!

And here are the Goodies Galore!!!!

A great candy bouquet with a chocolate Santa and a Christmas tree sucker!! Ho ho HO!!!

Chocolate bottomed cookies in three different flavors... All delicious!!

Our in store Candy Bar...and we sell canned soft drinks too!! The drinks are just .50 cents and that includes tax!! So when you thirsty and in our part of town... stop by for a refreshing soda and a candy bar or snack!!

Our front counter is all decked out for Christmas...

Mini poinsettias in Merry Christmas sleighs.... and soft cozy snowmen too....

Our newly painted walls and shelving are packed with goodies GALORE!!

Mini 24" trees are all decked out in snack size candy to make a Holiday Candy Bouquet!!

Popcorn covered in chocolate, milk and white chocolate and some with peanuts, almonds, cranberries, or peppermint!!! So YUmmeeeee....

Nuts of all kinds, peppermint bark, cupcake truffles, and English toffee dressed up to go in Christmas baskets!!

Permanent Floral arrangements with extra bling...Joy will bring!!

Salmon and sausage and Cheese bars too....All with some crackers... Happy Snacking to YOU!!

Beautiful and unique fresh flower designs, will make anyone feel the Holiday Spirit!

Sparkling Grape Juice in a special basket has extras tucked in!!

And here is more of the Yummiest popcorn in town!!! Come in and get you some, for yourself, or for that really great stocking stuffer!!! I hope to see you soon!!! Happy Holiday!!! Vonnie

It's a really big show!!